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Crew E36 Bomb Comp 1983


Crew E-36 participated in Bomb Comp 1983. This was one of our practice missions which consisted of take off, air refueling, low level bomb runs, high level bomb run, celestial navigation leg, and return to base.  A mission like this might be 8-10 hours in the air. 

After bomb comp the crew was broken up.  Most of us went to instructor school at Castle AFB.  After instructor school I returned to Minot AFB to become the Wing EWO.
  Aircraft Commander Mark Gunzinger gives a nice smile in a rare photo opportunity. During the Bush administration Mark moved up in the world to be a member of the National Security Council staff.
  Every mission included at final check of the plan at base ops.  Mark Madison (co-pilot) and Doug Davis (nav) go over the data.

Radar Navigator Phil Kasznicki knows all his aimpoints and target coordinates by heart.  Those charts and logs are for reference only.  For sitting in downward firing ejection seat he sure looks comfortable.   Doug Davis goes about his work as an outstanding navigator.  
Gunner Harley Gomes waves for the camera.  Harley always does a great job keeping the ASG-21 tuned up and ready to go and watching the SATCOM traffic.   Electronic Warfare Officer Tom Keely at the sextant making a cel shot.  If nobody was watching, I'd set two sextant cases on top of each other, throw on a cushion from the IEW's seat and sit down and shoot cel.  

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