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Minot AFB 2005

Thanks to photostich, you can see the true size the B-52H

I thought it would never happen, but I',m
back in the EWO seat after 20 years.
  Mrs. Keely fills in for the Radar Navigator.

Minot AFB 1998
  In August of 1998 I made a return trip to Minot AFB 13 years after I left.   The base is home to about 40 B-52s.  The weather on this day was just perfect for an air show by the Thunderbirds and perfect for photographing the static displays
  B-52H 60-0005 with a Harpoon under the wing and a few gold bomb crowd pleaser shapes under the wing.
  Death from above as provided by a number of the armenaments of the B-52H.  The long gray objects in the center left are air launched cruise missles on the rotatry launcher.
  B-52H during a flyby.  The biggest difference between the 1980s vintage buff and today's buff is the removal of the tail gun and elimination the gunner crew position.  Countermeasures systems and radar have also been upgraded.  The aircraft has shown remarkable ability to be adapted to changing requirements and tactics.

Back in the early - mid 80s the Buff was the only bomber in town.  The B-1B hadn't gone operational and the B-2 was only a rumor.


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