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DIGI Single Board Computers

Application: Customer needs 2 Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) signals at 100Hz and 0 to 12 volt amplitude.  Signals are used to control speed and torque of a 14 horsepower high speed servo motor.
Solution:  The LP3500 offers 3 PWM outputs, keypad interface, easy to connect screw terminals, and prototype area on mounting board.  The delivered product incorporated:

   * LP3500 with 12 volt PWM interface
   * Keypad interface with Torque Up/Down,Speed Up/Down and EStop
   * Safety Interlocks
   * Enclosure and Power supply
Application: Hot wire mass flow sensor outputs non-linear frequency proportional to mass air flow.  Customer needs calibrated linear 0 - 5V output signal.
Solution: The BL2610 is used to measure frequency through Input Capture feature.  Frequency is then fed to look-up table for linearization.  Linearized value is scaled and offset and sent to Digital to Analog convertor output.  System runs in real time; as each input signal period is measured, the analog output is updated.

A 38.4 kbaud serial communications link is used to report sensor measurements and to upload/download look-up table data.  A LabWindows/CVI client program was created to make upload/download a point and click operation.

System is used in both lab and vehicle applications and replaces bulky Linear Flow Elements.

Performance is better than expected, small size and low power consumption make this solution a winner.
Application: Customer needs to measure timing between 20 async digital signals on two separate machines.  System needs to run in real time and report measurements to host computer.
Solution: A BL2510 and RN1100 are used to measure change of state timing of 20 signals.  The RN1100 is installed on the second machine and uses the Rabbit Net to communicate.  A serial link from the BL2510 updates timing data to the host machine.  Timing resolution is 1 millisecond.

This system will ensure consistent target machine setup and monitor target machine performance in real time.  In this case, knowing machine performance is critical since FDA approved products tested on target machines.

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