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Test System Examples

Hydraulic Test Stand: Hydraulic systems manufacturer tests functional performance of pump and valve manifold assemblies.
TESTniques designed electrical control cabinets, data acq system and created
control software with an easy to use Windows interface.Behind the scenes this
system is controlled by a database with unique test setups for various products.
The test stand is a true multitasker - while one side is testing, the other side is being
mounted/unmounted. This increases throughput while saving on instrumentation
resources.   Hydraulic design and fab by Innotek Corp of Maple Grove, MN.

Chemical Test Stand: Chemical test bench measures adsorbtion of VOCs. Test samples are heated in the oven below the Shimazdu gas chromatograph.
TESTniques designed electrical control cabinet, data acq/control system and
datalogging software using LabWindows/CVI. The data acquisition device is a NI USB
6009. Data is saved to an Access database. The UL508A certified electrical panel was
constructed by PTS Products of Mound, MN.

Vision System: Cameras measure water droplet formation and diameter. Test samples are fixtured and pressurized with water from an air over water column. Pressure can be ramped or stepped in increments as small as 0.05 psi.
TESTniques was the project manager for this system. In addition to our usual electrical and software tasks we created the design and coordinated electrical and mechanical subcontractors.The data acquistion\control device is a NI CompactDAQ. The UL508A certified electrical panel was constructed by PTS Products of Mound, MN. Mechanical components were designed and fab'd by Modular Concepts of Burnsville, MN.
Viscosity Pressure Drop Test Stand: Hydraulic filters are tested for pressure drop and flow under controlled viscosity conditions.
TESTniques used LabVIEW to create a complex program that controls pressure vs flow, flow vs pressure, viscosity via temperature, alarms and warnings, data logging, data display, calibration, and automated startup. The UL508A certified electrical panel was constructed by PTS Products of Mound, MN. Hydraulic and mechanical frabrication by Hydra Tech Inc of Bloomington, MN.
Six Alternator Tester: 
This tester runs endurance tests on 12/24V automotive and truck alternators.   Six test cells run variable speed/variable load tests.  Each test cell has its own temperature controlled oven.
The number 6 is popular in this test system:
-6 ABB variable speed drives (up to 15HP)
-6 Watlow temperature controlled ovens (MODBUS)
-6 Computer controlled load banks provide up to 300A load with 2A resolution.
-6 Fault monitors
-6 Current and voltage measurement subsystems
-6 Independent Speed/Load profiles
-6 Contact thermocouples
-6 12/24V Excitation subsystems
TESTniques designed the electrical systems, temperature control systems, created the software (LabWindows/CVI), performed integration, test, and installation at customer site.

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