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As you're appoaching the mountains of Montana and enjoying the clean air, the TESTniques designed J1939 datalogger is keeping an eye on the performance of Diesel Particulate Filter systems.  Project Class: Embedded
Genset systems are everywhere, you just gotta look.  You'll find them at the hospital, cell phone site, sewage plant, and mobile power.  The Onan (Cummins) HCUC test stand verifies proper assembly and operation of the big alternators before shipment.  100,000s of alternators have been given the seal of approval by the HC and UC test stands.
Project Class: Test Bench
If I told you about our F-22 work I'd have to shoot you.
Now you see me, now you don't, I' m over here...
Project Class: Embedded
The construction site is a dirty job.  That dirt wants to get into every part of your earthmover.  Don't worry you have world class filters.  TESTniques has integrated many test benches to support filter testing:  The Multipass bench tests hydraulic filter for a wide range of customers.  The J1985 bench test fuel filters for diesel engines.  Air Lab benches test those huge air cleaners.
Project Class: Test Benches
Today it is time to measure turbine inlet flow distortion.  You'll need a 24000 SCFM air source, 32 pitot sensors, 48 Thermocouples, 2 static pressure sensors.  We'll sample the flow sensors at 10000 Hz, display and record everything in realtime.  TESTniques delivered a measurement system for the CH-53K helicopter that does that and more.
Project Class: Test Bench - Measurement System

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