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Engineering Lab Resources
TESTniques' maintains an extensive laboratory for project development and test.  Equipment available includes:

   * Oscilloscopes
   * Logic Analyzer
   * Serial Communications Analyzer
   * IEEE-488 Communications Analyzer
   * Ethernet Communications Analyzer
   * Precision Multimeters
   * AC and DC Power Supplies
   * 15 MHZ Arbitrary Waveform Generator
   * 1.5 GHZ Spectrum Analyzer
   * 200 MHZ Counter/Timer
   * Signal Switching
   * VXI Systems
   * Rabbit Microprocessor development systems
   * PIC Microprocessor development system (MPLAB, CSS compilers)
   * PC104 development systems
   * PC computers for design and simulation 386 and on up
   * Data loggers
   * Schematic Capture, PCB Layout Tools
   * Dynamic C Professional Development Suite
   * National Instruments LabWindows/CVI and LabVIEW PDS
   * Microsoft C Sharp
   * Legacy Compilers for DOS by Microsoft and Borland


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