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National Instruments Vision Libraries
Analyzes Filter Fibers
TESTniques Inc., Minneapolis MN, has developed an automated fiber diameter measurement program for Donaldson Company Inc., Minneapolis, MN.

This program uses National Instruments Vision Libraries for Measurement Studio to provide automated measurement of fiber diameters from scanning electron microscope images.  As diameters are measured, readings are grouped according to sizes and plotted in histogram format.  Resulting data is stored in a table and is available for report print out
Operator interface screen showing histogram and analysis results table

To use the program the technician selects an image file, calibrates the measurement, selects a region of interest, and clicks the Analyze  button.  The program determines the optimal contrast ratio, creates a high contrast black/white image, and creates a list of object contours.

As the list of contours is created a specially designed algorithm takes over to measures cross-fiber diameters.  The user has the option to view measurement animation in real time to verify integrity of measurement
Filter media image from scanning Electron microscope  
Image after setting optimal contrast, creating outline contours, and cross-fiber segments  
Program is in use by Donaldson manufacturing and research departments in the US and UK.  The program provides consistent automated measurements resulting in higher productivity and greater measurement accuracy.  

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